Friday, July 06, 2007

Time to say Good Bye

Just some last words as MC @BAZI 06/07...
It was posted in @BAZI Community on June 29th


Today is, oficially, the last working day for the MC 06/07... the last day when the HIKERS are leading @BAZI...

On Monday a new team is starting... a high talented team that will, for sure, rock the house...

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for each one of you that made part of this year, of this incredible experience that I had...

During this year, I had moments when I was totally lost, didn't know what was my role and where I was supposed to go... but I also had moments when I was very happy, celebrating results...I had moments when I wanted to give up, but I also had moments when I thought being MC was the best choice I did...I had moments when I hated SP and living in the MC house, but I also had moments of discovering the city and shared good moments with the people in MC house...I had moments where I worked a lot and was totally exhausted... and then had moments when all the work and nights without sleep were worth!
In all these moments I learnt, I grew, I developed, I became a better professional and a better person!

So... THANKS for all the people that made this year be special for me...

Thank you RE, SS, BS, RP, USP, UB... Thanks for teaching me how to be a coach, thanks for being open, for trusting, for building together... thanks for being more than coachees, but being my friends! Thanks for the coach visits, the time I spent in your cities, the talks about personal stuff, the sharing, the parties...Thanks for aiming to be the best, for yur ambitious... keep this and you'll grow a lot in your LCs!!

Thank you FZ, LD, GO (and again RP and UB)... thanks for showing me all the enthousiasm to build a new AIESEC... thanks for trusting and letting me be part of this new @ you were building... and thanks for the friendship we could build even in few time... you are awesome people and I'm sure you'll build strong @ in your cities!

Thank you Project Leaders (VPs, OCPs, PDs, PMs... all the people that worked hard to implement projects in @BAZI)... thanks for believing in our strategy and putting all your will and energy to make it happen! Thanks for your hardwork, for sharing knowledge, for learning together with me, for giving me feedbacks, for being supportive and for asking questions... you're pioneers in the Project Implementation... and if @BAZI can grow to reach our goals for 2010, I'm sure you'll be essential part of it!

Thank you NSLs for working with me, for leading the results in your strategies, for supporting my strategies... Thanks for being HIKERS together with us, for building together, for leading @BAZI with us... and thanks for being good friends, for sharing not just the hard moments, but also the good ones... you're amazing individuals and I wish you all the best in your strategies and in your personal development... I really want to see you rocking and celebrating a lot your results in the end of your term!

Thank you members of @BAZI!!! You made my year worth!! You helped me growing!!
I'm saying good-bye today... but I'm sure we'll still meet, we'll work together again, we'll keep in touch, we'll still be friends!!

I'm very happy to have lived this intense and wonderful year!! I'm very happy for all that we built, for all the people I met, for all the friend I made!!


Your MCVP LC Development & Projects 06/07

MC Hikers
Inspiring, Empowering, Delivering
Posted by Barbara Basso on 06/29/07 07:54 PM

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MC Team Album

Pictures from the Hikers...

MC @BAZI 06/07 - Hikers

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hikers Teamdays #4

Last weekend the Hikers went to Itapecerica da Serra (yes! the same place where we'll have CONADE) to have our MC TEAMDAYS!!

This is the 4th time we get together to have teamdays...

We did some things that we do every teamdays...

Feedback session, where we have the competencies assessment results and receive feedbacks to help our development...

Analyze @BAZI's current state, paint the map and review MC plan...

Discuss about the LC's reality (using the cluster analysis) and do qualitative analysis (what gives us the tendencies)

Lots of interesting discussions... about important topics for this time of the year...

And of course... we had fun!

(dancing roll calls)

(playing like children)

(jumping in the pool... yes, Gabiru is jumping over Rod)

This time we had Danilo (NSL CSR) participating with us... and also Diogo (NSL SP/PR) and GI (OCP CONADE) in some specific sessions

What was very cool in this teamdays was that we could enjoy CONADE's site and start imagining how the conference will look like...

the restaurant...

the pool...

the rooms...

Some other cool places there...

Teamdays was very cool... a very important moment for us to see our results so far and evaluate how we are enjoying our experiences and how much we've learnt in this MC term :)

Also, it was good to bring us the needed energy for the 3 last months of our term

So... be prepared, because we'll rock CONADE!!!! The site is awesome and the Hikers are full of energy!!!

MC Hikers - Enjoying the XPedition

Friday, April 13, 2007

Coaches Meeting

Do you want to know how we do the qualitative analysis about the LCs?

We take the LC Clustering with us...

... and go to the PARK! :)

And then, we have a very nice time there, while analyzing the LCs' reality...

Cool, no? :)

Your MC Hikers!
Enjoying the XPedition! :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Coach Visits 2nd round...


in a meeting in the beach

with SS members in Pelourinho

EB meeting...

LC meeting



with Recife members in Boa Viagem beach

EB meeting


Project Management training

with BS members watching the sunset in Paranoá


with members from GI Goiania in BS Re-Plan


Project Management training

UB Planning

Thanks to all my LCs for the great time we've spent together!!! :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Dinner

Now that our holidays are finishing and we are coming back to work, we want to share some pics of our funny Christmas dinner and WISH THE BEST IN 2007!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Dinner I

Let`s keep together the inspiration, empowerement and delivery of results!!! MC HIKERS 2006-2007

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MCP 07/08

Friday, December 08, 2006

NSLs in the house!

We have 4 new Hikers in the team: the National Strategy Leaders

And this week we're having NSLs Preparation... so, ALL the NSLs are here with us!!!

Mogui - NSL SE 2006
Danilo - NSL CSR 2007
Leticia - NSL BE 2007
Jota - NSL BPDF 2007
Diogo - NSL SP/PR 2007

So, we are having lots of activities: meetings, discussions, trainings, capacity building... Take a look at some moments:

Project Management Training (with Igor, from @USP)

Leticia, Danilo and Jota in a meeting

Jota, Mogui and Leticia working:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hikers at Liberdade

Sunday is a good day to go to Liberdade (the japanese neighbourhood)

So, in a november sunday we went...

Iritzi and Gabiru walking at Liberdade streets

Bárbara and Iritzi at Liberdade fair

Gabiru eating yakissoba

and the girls eating "tempura de sorvete" :)

A new meeting room...

Yes! We've painted the 1st part of the office: the meeting room!!!

Now it's YELLOW!!!

See how was the painting XP...

me and "my" wall (the one I painted):

And... how beautiful it is now:

(new furniture, new color... a new meeting room!)

Soon, the rest of the office... ;)